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5th-Jul-2020 09:17 pm - FRIENDS ONLY
It's Shou time!Collapse )Welcome! 
Most entries are friends only. You are welcome to add me which will allow you to gain access to my entries.
Update: Note, the above statement is NOT ENTIRELY TRUE. Looks like I have to add you in order for you to gain access to my pages. If you are interested, add me and make a post and I will most likely add you back =DD

3rd-May-2016 04:04 pm - 2016 disbandment/Hiatus
5月26日 May 26, 2016 BORN 解散 disband
7月10日 July 10, 2016 ギルガメッシュ Girugamesh 解散 disband
7月27日 July 27, 2016 Avel Cain 解散 disband
11月1日 Nov 1, 2016 SCREW 解散 disband
12月31日 Dec 31, 2016 ナイトメア Nightmare 活動休止 hiatus

3月31日 THE KIDDIE 解散 disband
4月29日 ViViD 解散 disband
5月27日 amber gris 解散 disband
9月21日 Sadie 活動休止 hiatus
9月21日 Moran 解散 disband
11月6日 Lycaon 解散 disband
12月29日 ν[NEU]解散 disband
12月31日 ギルド 活動休止 hiatus
10th-Jun-2015 07:26 pm - Ko-Ki update (ex-ViviD)
His new band is Vix and is under his own co 'Jace'.
The band consisted of REALIVE's Kazuki, DaizyStripper's Nao and ex-v[NEU]'s Hixro.
10th-Jun-2015 07:24 pm - Shin update (ex-ViviD)
His new band is "WHITE JUDAS" and they will be performing at V-nation on Aug 5th.

Check out his twitter for more info.
10th-Jun-2015 07:23 pm - Reno update (ex-ViviD)
Reno is signed under PS Co.
He had held a one man live at Shibuya and is currently recording new songs.
Check out his website!

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